Spring is Here

Written by Administrator
Spring is definitely here where I live. It's very warm and it seems as if all the birds are back. We've all seen our first robins, and I've seen the return of the dove that comes back here to spend the spring with me. At first the dove seems to have forgotten its call and the sound is incomplete, but as it gets settled in, its call is full and very evocative for me. 
I've finished a rug that I thought I'd start the spring off with. It's called Sweet Friendship. It's one of several on this beautiful theme that I've made over the years. In my most current newsletter, I pulled together a bunch of dog and cat rugs that I've made. I really am enjoying writing and sending out my newsletter. If you'd like to be included (it only comes once a month, I promise!), please send me an email and I'll put you on my list.
Hoping your Spring is all good.
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