Middle of August and Fall is almost here

Written by Annie Hayes

In the Catskills, we know that Fall is almost upon us when our county fair is in progress. This is Fair Week, town is deserted and the leaves on my hill across the pasture are just starting to turn yellow and orange. I've been working on Christmas rugs. Don't ask me why. I have a Christmas stocking and a small star mat that are perfect for the season that will be here before we know it. Keep your eye on my site for more holiday pieces. Some will be big (a St. Nicholas of the old fashioned, more subdued variety, carrying a tree over his shoulder), and a collection of stockings that can be ordered ahead for December.

A request: If you can "friend" me (actually Annie Hayes Rugs) on facebook, that would be so great. I need to have a certain number of friends in order to qualify as recognized facebook business. Easy to do, I think, and will be greatly appreciated. And if you want to send it around to your friends, I guess that would all be good. Thanks!
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